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New Beginnings...
Let a Naturopath share nature's path to healing.

Dr Doughty believes that despite busy schedules, the normal aging process, and a crazy world, you deserve to be your healthiest and happiest.  My mission is to design the safest, gentlest, evidence-based path back to your optimal health.  


Dr Doughty offers an incredible 70-point blood panel that 
tests hormones, organ function, and key longevity metrics.

He strategies with patients to layout an integrative program to help you overcome the health challenge you may be facing.  

Thank you for your trust.  Healing can be complex and difficult.  I network with other naturopathic doctors to find great products and services . 

Treating tough diseases like Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Dementia, Osteoporosis  and Infections with

gentle natural substances

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